Business View Magazine | May 2019

292 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE MAY 2019 PREFERRED VENDOR n AOS Specialty Contractors The Opportunity Zone is new legislation for South Carolina that provides tax incentives for investments in designated areas. The City of Cayce is also considering some live-work zoning and policy implications that would continue to support the arts, to balance growth while retaining the unique character and not outpricing anyone in the community. Mayor Partin sums up the best about life in Cayce. “As you can tell, we are proactive about our municipal responsibilities. We have a really good credit rating because we’re careful about what we do. And we have staff that is very thoughtful in the way they implement those projects. We know who we are. We are that small town in the middle of the bustling region and we like that. And we want to keep our identity. Over sixty percent of our residents have been here 20 years or more; generations of families stay in this city. That’s unique, and it’s an asset. It’s not just the elected officials and the staff that are making this city great; it’s the active participation of our residents.”