Business View Magazine | May 2019

256 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE MAY 2019 PREFERRED VENDORS n Gay Company Limited n D.G. Biddle & Associates Limited n Kaitlin Corporation n CannaPiece Group Inc. n National Homes Provincial Park is right there. That high density will allow us to maintain the green spaces we enjoy so much. We have two urban separators between Courtice and Bowmanville and that will be maintained, along with agriculture.” “Renew Magazine lists Clarington as home to four of Canada’s top infrastructure projects, based on dollar value,” says Hall. “That kind of investment from different levels of government is a testament to our location and has drawn the attention of investors over the last few years. I would estimate that my office has seen five times the amount of leads we did five years ago. That being said, we sold all our serviced land in a very short period of time, so let’s hope we put ourselves in a place to capitalize on all that interest in the future.” Mayor Foster admits, “There is lots of land available but servicing is the key in order to have businesses come here. For many years, the senior leadership attitude in the Region was that we don’t spend money on anything that might benefit a private investor, which included servicing. But the new attitude is: we don’t care, we want the jobs. We’re going to look at the reserves we have and try to get servicing in the ground. We’ve also had Bell Canada come to town with high-speed fiber. They are busy pulling cable everywhere. We actually had a complaint from a company that they’ll have to buy all new equipment to handle the speed. That’s a great problem to have.” “I encourage everyone to come for the Clarington experience,” Foster concludes. “We have thousands of acres of apple orchards. If you come in the spring, the apple blossoms are out, the fish are running; five minutes from my office is Bowmanville Creek. In the spring and fall runs, there will be over 10,000 salmon and trout, up to 20 pounds each – you can watch them going up the fish by-pass. And remember, in the morning, when the sun rises in the east over the GTA, it gently caresses Clarington first.”