Business View Magazine | May 2019

230 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE MAY 2019 want to make sure they are prepared to make good decisions at the start of their career.” Simply stated, Boone County is not an industrial or manufacturing powerhouse. Its attributes have been more conducive to living a rewarding, prosperous life of a different nature. That being said, the county is definitely open to opportunities for the future. Phillips shares, “I think that as rural America changed over the last 30 to 40 years, from the mentality that you always lived and worked right in that one community, as people have become more comfortable with commutes or even telecommuting to work, that’s helping Boone County become a reasonable consideration for business and industry. With our proximity to metro areas like Des Moines, and even the smaller statistical area of Ames- Story County, we have renewed life here. That’s really the story of Boone County. We’re in a great position to see the most significant growth in business, industry, and quite possibly population, that we’ve seen in many decades.” PREFERRED VENDOR n CDS Global Boone, Iowa was voted #1 AFFORDABLE SMALL TOWN, Where You’d Actually Want to Live (by Based on... MEDIAN HOME LIST PRICES ON REALTOR.COM LOW UNEMPLOYMENT RATES LOW CRIME RATE HOME AFFORDABILITY TWO-YEAR HOME PRICE APPRECIATION Also, as of yesterday (4/23/19), INSURIFY named the city of Boone as Iowa’s winner of the 2019 BEST UP AND COMING HOUSING MARKETS