Business View Magazine | May 2019

178 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE MAY 2019 has been very flexible in that respect. The trade missions are normally supported by Atlantic Canada through ACOA or Nova Scotia Business Incorporated. “The province of Nova Scotia has been a huge supporter of the seafood business,” says MacLean, “but I would also say that it has been a huge supporter of Louisbourg Seafoods.” As for the future of this innovative family business, Jim reflects, “I guess I’m like everyone else, I’m going to work at this until the big fellow takes me. I’ve got no plans to retire but I’m also working to put a succession plan in place in case I can’t do it someday. I’ve got 12 grandchildren, so, hopefully, one of them will eventually take the company. And, hopefully, I’ll have people around like Allan and some of the others on my staff to help my family go through the next moves of it.” MacLean adds, “In planning for the next five years, we’ve been looking at developing the structure because we want the companies to grow, and to see if we can capitalize on these new market opportunities that have been presented through trade arrangements. And to really have in place a very solid company, continue to build, to capitalize on unique opportunities, to try to be leaders in this part of the seafood world, and really emphasize, on an ongoing basis, about sustainable fisheries, and the need to provide jobs for the local communities.” PREFERRED VENDORS n Pearlmark n Cape Breton University n A&B Seafoods www. ab s ea f ood s pe c i a l i s t . com Brice Hornbrook and Bruce Hornbrook 1715 Gowan Brae Drive Bathurst, NB E2A 4X5 Canada Office: (506)546-6680 | Email: CANADIAN LOBSTER US LOBSTER SNOW CRAB FROZEN RAW LOBSTER TAILS FROZEN COOKED LOBSTER MEAT SPECIALTY LOBSTER PRODUCTS