Business View Magazine | May 2019

104 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE MAY 2019 for new talent,” Messaros states. “A continued increase in talent and capability translates into doing different things within the marketplace that will further create more value for us as a critical partner to our customers.” Currently, CMF has about 175 employees. “From a people standpoint, it’s not an enormously large company,” Messaros admits. “We’re a very lean organization, but our competitive advantage starts with our people and what drives them. And what makes us unique is our culture. We’ve accepted the responsibility for the success of every person we touch. So, consequently, the viewpoint that we have concerning our employees is: how do we make a difference in their world? Because that translates into making a difference in our customers’ world.” “The biggest thing about Commercial is that it’s driven by a culture of purpose,” Messaros states, waxing poetic, again. “It’s all about your purpose and why you exist; how are you fulfilling that? Some days you fulfill it well by your actions and other days, you screw it up. That’s part of life. We do a good job, internally, of assessing ourselves, everyday, and we’ve got a high level of people who understand, ‘Did I create value, today, or not?’ And it all starts with creating value for the customer. It can be as simple as a customer calling up with a problem. Then it becomes our problem to solve. It’s a complement to the ‘infinite game,’ in that it’s a journey. And success is a very long-term view.” PREFERRED VENDORS n American Alloy Steel n JC Enterprise