Business View Magazine | May 2019

102 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE MAY 2019 making propyl ethylene products, to a small air compressor you might even have in your garage to inflate the tires on your car or your bike. So, it’s very diverse. We make heads as small as four inches in diameter, up to 300 inches in diameter.” “We’re the only tank head producer that has multiple facilities,” he continues. “We have three facilities in the U.S. - Youngstown, Ohio is the largest; followed by Orange County, California; and then Saginaw, Texas. In each manufacturing facility, we have redundant capabilities to allow us ultimate flexibility for our customers. In manufacturing, things do happen – a press goes down. So, we have the ability to move that application to another process and meet the needs of the customer. In each of the manufacturing facilities, we also have distribution centers that allow us to set up lean programs for some of the larger customers that help them be more efficient and lower costs.” Going forward, Messaros says that CMF will always look to invest in new machines and equipment, 6645 Lockwood Blvd. #1, Youngstown OH 44512 330-550-1788 WE PREVENT RUST SPECIALTY BLENDER OF CHEMICALS serving the metal finishing industry. L OWE R COS T | I MPROV E D QUA L I T Y