Business View Magazine | Volume 9, Issue 3

15 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 3 Norm Dopfer, President & CEO of Roman Roofing, Cape Coral, Florida: “For me, it’s time blocking. If I could sit in my office and look at my time block schedule and know these hours are for this, these hours are for that, I can be productive. I share a home office with my wife; we both want to be successful business owners but we also spend a lot of times with our kids. Here and at my business office we’re organized and up to speed with technology and sometimes I take the kids to work. I just like the vibe.” Marissa Sanchez, Assistant Director Infrastructure & Development, City of Dallas, Texas: “When thinking about productivity, I ask myself instead – what keeps me from burning out? For example: to save time, I went from doing hand- written notes to the One-Note system and now they’re available on my phone, and my laptop, but because it is more efficient I found I was filling up that time I saved with more work. So now I have to give myself permission to take downtime. I think that is imperative to maintain the productivity levels we want so desperately to have.” Sarah Austin, City Manager of Portales, New Mexico: “I think it’s a mindset. You have to want to be productive and think outside the box and Power Question Business View asked a group of executives, “What most enhances your own productivity?”