Business View Magazine | Volume 9, Issue 3

11 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 3 AUTO DEALERS LOOK TO REDUCE SALES PROCESS FRICTION AND MODERNIZE THE CAR-BUYING EXPERIENCE Research shows 94% of dealerships are evaluating their sales process; a third of consumers want fast, easy and convenient experiences A s technology advances and retail experiences increase in simplicity and convenience, 94% of auto dealerships are evaluating their sales process with recognition that it requires further enhancements to keep pace, according to a study by CDK Global, Inc., a leading automotive retail technology company. In fact, nearly a third of consumers surveyed said one of the most important aspects of their purchase is that it is low effort. “As consumer demand for more modern retail experiences grows, so does the desire of dealerships to evolve beyond traditional, outdated sales processes,” said Andy Moss, senior vice president of Modern Retail, CDK Global. “If there is anything we learned over the past two years, it’s that if we want to make a vehicle easy to buy, we must make it easier to sell. Dealership employees are tired of using multiple systems that don’t talk to one another and often require paperwork to be printed and physically moved from one department to the next.” While most dealers report having a digital retailing solution to simplify the online buying experience (85%), they still see process bottlenecks once the deal enters their physical dealership. OPENING L INES