Business View Magazine | March 2021

8 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE MARCH 2021 RING • Liability Protections for Search and Rescue Engineers: To help increase the number of engineers providing search and rescue mission services, FES and ACEC-FL support legislative efforts to shield engineers who volunteer their professional services for these efforts. Water, Energy & Transportation Solutions With nearly 1,000 new residents moving to Florida each day, preparing Florida’s water, energy and transportation systems to meet this growing demand is of paramount importance. The FES and ACEC-FL support the following: • Long-Term Water Resiliency Solutions: Creating a holistic strategy to address state-wide environmental, water supply and flooding issues using a systematic assessment of long-term infrastructure needs, and a fiscally sound approach to implementing engineering projects in a manner similar to the State Transportation Work Plan. • Florida’s Transportation Future: With more than 3 million new drivers expected on Florida’s roads by 2030, FES and ACEC-FL believe innovations and investments in Florida’s transportation systems (roads, airports and seaports) should be a priority. They support a transportation plan that puts safety, infrastructure condition, mobility, Florida’s economy and our environment as interrelated goals to create Florida’s transportation future. • Diverse and Reliable Energy Resources: Developing a plan to meet Florida’s steadily increasing energy requirements with affordable, efficient, sustainable and resilient energy solutions. Additional legislative priorities include strengthening structural engineering occupational regulations, and supporting competitive procurement qualifications. About FES & ACEC-FL: The FES and ACEC-FL are the state’s leading organizations representing Florida’s professional engineers. FES represents more than 2,700 individual engineers working in private industry, government and higher education. ACEC-FL represents more than 350 engineering firms working in the transportation, water resources, energy and structural sectors. . We encourage elected leaders to also take bold actions on the tremendous infrastructure- related needs facing Florida