Business View Magazine | March 2021

108 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE MARCH 2021  Simple, affordable full-service background screening  Accredited by the PBSA  Outstanding customer service  No setup fees or monthly minimums Employment screening Drug screening Form I-9 & E-Verify API integrations available Do you know the person you’re hiring? 888-527-3282 And Manning doesn’t plan on stopping there. Payroll Vault is constantly implementing new ideas and improvements to enhance the training and technology they provide. “What I’m most excited about over the next couple of years is that you’re going to see a greater user experience,” says Manning. “Until now, most of the experiences have been at the payroll processor level in dealing with the software, but in the future, what you’re going to see is a much better user experience for the business owner themselves, and then for their employees. They will have easier access to information.” Payroll Vault currently has an option to view payroll stubs and forms online, all managed by increased online security. According to Manning, “Online security is improving at a dramatic pace, so we will see increased security with the whole payroll process in the near future, as all of these systems become more and more important from a security standpoint.” His main goal for the future of Payroll Vault has stayed consistent since day one. “We want to be the number one payroll solution for small business owners with the highest level of customer satisfaction,” he explains. “That’s the main goal, because that aspect of payroll services is lacking with our competition, so we have fulfilled this need.” PREFERRED VENDORS/ PARTNERS n Xpressdocs n National Crime Search