Business View Magazine | March 2020

51 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE MARCH 2020 INTEGRATED PROJECT SERV I CES , LLC complete supply chain to expediate delivery. It’s a very exciting time in the industry right now.” BVM: How do you reach out to potential customers? Butler: “We’re ingrained in the life science industry. We attend trade shows; our SMEs speak at a number of conferences. We actually train the FDA for specific types of manufacturing facilities. For the most part it’s networking and word of mouth, but our experts are really the ones who are out on the front line with speaking engagements. We’re opening up an office in San Francisco to focus on that biotech and technology hub. And we’re always looking at the types of disruptions going on around us, so we can keep our competitive edge, and ways to keep our productivity up and our costs down. We’re opening up an office in Germany this year, implementing several new software platforms that will make the digitization of our delivery more streamlined and efficient. We’ll continue to look at technology and how it can help IPS operate in the future.” “What we design is a right-size facility for the products our customers want to make. A huge part of our success has been the focus on clients and our subject matter expertise. Some of the projects are very large and we have to make sure that everyone on our team is aligned with the customer’s goals. Once you do that, the process goes quickly and the quality of the product also improves. We are also focused on doing the right things for our employees and making sure they are happy in their career because they are all extremely valuable to IPS.” IPS Services Construction Management, Cost Management, Mechanical Space WWW.SYNTEGON.COM Formerly Bosch Packaging Technology