Business View Magazine | March 2020

312 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE MARCH 2020 PREFERRED VENDOR n Fidelis Realty Partners Since acquiring the San Jacinto Mall in 2015, Fidelis has worked closely with Baytown community leaders to deliver the new San Jacinto Marketplace; a destination retail and mixed-use project that will build upon Baytown’s legend with top retailers in a familyfriendly atmosphere and an aesthetically pleasing environment. Baytown is a proud and thriving community, and we are confident that San Jacinto Marketplace will be too. The upcoming San Jacinto Marketplace will be highly visible and strategically located in the heart of Baytown. This is why Fidelis is focused on bringing a wide variety of sought-after merchants, making it the premier shopping destination in the region. The Baytown community will be able to gather to enjoy dining, shopping, entertainment, and other livework-play options in an inviting and beautiful space. The future of San Jacinto Marketplace is bright. Fidelis continues to work diligently on the property’s progress and would like to thank Baytown’s Mayor and City Officials for working hand-in-hand to deliver results for their community. Fidelis also thanks the residents of Baytown for their patience and excitement as they build for the future of Baytown in the San Jacinto Marketplace. The second phase of demolition will begin this year!