Business View Magazine | March 2020

283 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE MARCH 2020 CLARKSVILLE, INDIANA C larksville is a town in Clark County, Indiana, located along the Ohio River, directly across from the City of Louisville, Kentucky. It was founded in 1783 by Revolutionary War hero, George Rogers Clark, who, along with several other war veterans, was awarded land grants by the Virginia legislature, north of the Ohio River in what was formerly known as the Northwest Territory. The explorer, William Clark, George’s younger brother, laid the plans for the famous “Corps of Discovery” expedition to the west coast, when he shook hands with Meriwether Lewis in Clarksville in 1803. The area where Lewis and Clark took off from is now the Falls of the Ohio State Park, located on a Devonian fossil bed and part of the Falls of the Ohio National Wildlife Conservation Area. The AT A GLANCE CLARKSVILLE, INDIANA WHAT: A town of approximately, 22,000 WHERE: In Clark County, directly across from the City of Louisville, Kentucky WEBSITE: IT BEGAN HERE