Business View Magazine | March 2020

21 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE MARCH 2020 Rita Hilton, Managing Director of Carita Jamaica Limited: “To get my transition into the factory building that we have recently acquired and to make sure that our social footprint with our neighbors is firmly on the ground. I have another objective – to help women entrepreneurs grow in their businesses. That is critical for me.” Steve Pizzi , Associate Direct of Athletics/ Facilities, Operations & Events at Holy Cross University: “Working in a balanced fiscal manner; making sure that the budgets are balanced. The flip side is finding the right partners to work with us for our revenue stream, while not inconveniencing our student athletes.” Bryan Sapot, President of SensrTrx: “One is to continue to provide a lot of value for our customers. Two is to acquire a lot of new customers by a factor of five.” Himanshu Palsule, Chief Product and Technology Office of Epicor Software Corporation: “The first is growth; we have some lofty growth goals. The second is that the market we are in is at an inflection point and more and more buyers are coming to the table looking for a new ERP system that is different from the ones they have implemented in the past. We want to be first in mind for those customers looking for a change. Third, we spend a lot of time on employee and customer satisfaction; we have some goals that we have set for ourselves and we would like to achieve those goals. If we hit all those three in 2020, we will have had a good year.” Bill Harland, Vice President of Electronics Research, Inc.: “To keep the momentum going.” Power Question “What’s your top objective for 2020?”