Business View Magazine | March 2020

165 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE MARCH 2020 BILLINGS LO T he Billings Logan International Airport is a commercial, cargo, and general aviation airport, built on a sandstone bluff, about 500 feet above, and two miles northwest of, downtown Billings, Montana. According to local legend, the first airplane flight took place in Billings on Memorial Day weekend in 1913, when a local dentist, Dr. Frank Bell, flew his Curtiss 0-X-5 from Billings to Park City and back - a distance of 40 miles. In 1927, the city purchased some 400 acres of land, and constructed 1,820 feet of unpaved runway and a small administrative building on top of the Rimrocks overlooking the Yellowstone Valley and the Billings area. More land was donated by a man named Dick Logan, who, subsequently, managed the new airport from 1927 to 1957. After his death, the Billings City Council renamed the Billings Municipal Airport to Billings Logan Field. In 1971 the name was updated to the Billings Logan International Airport. The first commercial service started showing up in the early 1930s; primarily Northwest Airlines and Inland Airlines – mostly for mail, but shortly thereafter, passenger service started. As time progressed and aircraft sizes increased, the Airport grew from 400 acres to 2,400 acres. Today, the Airport has three asphalt runways. The primary runway is Runway 10L/28R with a length of 10,518 feet and a width of 150 feet. The second runway is Runway 07/25 with a INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Doing just fine