Business View Magazine | March 2020

132 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE MARCH 2020 PREFERRED VENDOR n J.P. Equipment For over 20 years, JP Equipment has established a solid reputation in the used industrial laundry industry. We offer one stop shopping for all your commercial laundry needs. JP Equipment can facilitate buying and selling of used and new equipment, reconditioning of existing equipment, complete tunnel installation, plant start-up and machine training, plant layouts and designs, rigging, as well as decommissioning of plants. Contact JP Equipment today to see what we can do for you! Remillong: “We say, all the time, anybody can pick up dirty linen, wash it, and drop it off − which isn’t necessarily true; not everybody can do it − but not only do we do that well, but I think, as Chris alluded to, we also focus on the experience of what happens with that linen when it’s in the building, and take it a step further to understand that something that might seem insignificant in scope, when you’re talking about a new baby being born wrapped with one of your bath blankets, or a family around the bed as another member is suffering or passing, the linen is important. They don’t want to have issues with linen during those trying times, so we focus on the experience of what happens to that linen when it leaves the building and we spend a lot time, money, and energy trying to make sure that we can we provide the best experience for them that we can.”