Business View Magazine | March 2019

64 “The $10 million is for a new landside parking lot; a new fuel farm; we’re resurfacing one run- way and reconstructing another,” he continues. “We’re also going to be improving all the landing NavAids – a new localizer antenna (a device that allows horizontal guidance for instrument land- ings) in the right place, so that it’s not put out of service by a snow storm. (The current localizer is from the late 1990s, and is in a depression in the earth.When the snow gets high, it’s not readable at all.) And the glide slope is going to be improved just a little bit (the glide slope is an imaginary line that travels from the approach end of the runway upwards to the aircraft that is about to land).We’re going to adjust the light system at the end of the runway that aligns the pilot flying in lower visibility conditions to the center line of the runway. All those things are be- ing upgraded and updated.” Lanman hopes that these upgrades will help the Airport compete more effectively with five others that are all within a 30 mile radius of Auburn- Lewiston: Brunswick, Augusta, Sanford, Oxford County, and Portland Jetport, the area’s major passenger facility. “We do acknowledge that we are in competition and we watch each other’s fuel prices and we watch each other’s service,” he admits. “All the airport managers are peers, and we help each other on some things, but as far as me trying to get the business, we’ll definitely be competitive.” AUBURN-LEWISTON AIRPORT