Business View Magazine | March 2019

6 MARCH/APRIL 2019 Opening Lines R ivetz, an industry pioneer of em- bedded decentralized mobile se- curity solutions, recently released a special cybersecurity report en- titled “Protecting Our Digital Selves,” de- scribing how we can protect our personal data – and thus, our digital selves – in a mobile-first world. In a Rivetz-commissioned survey of 1,000 U.S. adults, Rivetz found that respondents were incredibly reliant on their smart- phones: two-thirds of respondents were willing to allow a friend to borrow their car for 24 hours, but the same percentage was not willing to allow a friend to borrow their smartphone for the same amount of time. If their smartphone was stolen, more than 90 percent of respondents said they would find it important or extremely important to prevent someone from accessing the con- tent on their smartphone if they lost it. But, despite fears of losing their smartphones, younger generations were found to be much less concerned about protecting their data than other generations. Twice as many Gen Xers (66 percent) and Baby Boomers NEW STUDY FINDS MILLENNIALS CONCERNED ABOUT PRIVACY, BUT LAX ON SECURITY