Business View Magazine | March 2019

117 FIRST STAR RECYCLING FOR THE SAKE OF THE PLANET Recycling to make it clear what we actually do. Our initial focus was solely on paper, but we’ve grown to encompass a wide variety of materi- als from residential and commercial sources.” FirstStar doesn’t participate in the curbside pickup of regular residential recycling - they leave that service to municipalities or haulers. For commercial businesses, they arrange to have company-owned semi-trailers park at the customer’s dock, where they are loaded with recyclables and then trucked back to the plant for processing in either Omaha or Lincoln. “We don’t turn the recycling into finished prod- ucts,” Gubbels notes. “We sort the materials, AT A GLANCE FIRST STAR FIBER, INC. / FIRST STAR RECYCLING What: Recycled material recovery company Where: Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska Website: