13 Takeaways fromValassis’research include: Home improvement consumers lookbefore they leap: Among homeowners who did or are planning home im- provement projects, 71 percent of Millennials tookmore than threemonths to research compared to 57percent of all homeowners and 36 percent of Millennials tooksixor moremonths vs.28 percent of all homeowners. The onlinemarketplace,especiallyviaAmazon,is changinghowconsumers findhomeproductsandservices: The topthreehome improvement productsor services shop- persarewillingtobuyfromAmazonare largeappliances (45 percent); lawn,gardenandyardmaintenance (37percent); andhousecleaningservices (36percent). Millennials have an especiallyhigh affinity for shopping onAmazon for these products and services,with percent- ages increasing significantly (65 percent,64 percent and 61 percent,respectively). Home improvement projects run the gamut. The top four projects homeowners currentlyhave inmind include painting (26 percent); replacing or installing newfloors/ carpets (24 percent); remodeling a bathroom (20 percent); and remodeling a kitchen (19 percent). Relevantmessages andoffers can swaypurchases: 65 percent of Millennials go to the retailer featured in aman- ufacturer’s advertisement tomake a purchase compared to 53 percent of consumers,and 75 percent of Millennials (vs.67percent of all consumers) aremotivated tomake a purchase due to a special deal or promotion. These findings equipmarketers with data and insights to roll out their next campaignwith greater precision,con- fidence and results.Valassis’campaign planning services helpmarketers connect the appropriate online and offline data intelligence to create relevant,effective,integrated media plans. T