Business View Magazine | March 2018

10 F or the 14th consecutive year,She Runs It (formerlyAdvertising Women of NewYork),is hosting its annual awards event to cele- brate 23marketing andmedia leaders asWorkingMothers of the Year.This year alsomarks the inaugural year of a newrecognition: Outstanding Companies forWorkingMothers. The five 2018 corporate honorees are 72andSunny,Carmichael Lynch, Periscope,Starcom andT3.Winners were chosen for activating policies and practices to create a supportive environment for mothers whowant to excel as parents and as corporate and communityleaders.The selec- tion criteria focused on the number of women in leadership and cli- ent-facing roles,the scope of paid/flexible leave that companies provide to newmothers,and overall benefits related hood. “In our 14 years of evaluating submissions year,we have been profoundlyinspired by t a lot of visibility into corporate practices and initiated bythewomenwhowere being put President and CEOof She Runs It.“It becam culture and environment a company fosters is critical to individual success.’” The 2018WorkingMothers of theYear we 26th,during an awards luncheon at Cipriani OPENING LINES SHE RUNS IT RECOGNIZES FIVE OUTSTANDING COMPANIES FORWOR AND 23WORKINGMOTHERS OF THE YEAR INTHEMARKETINGANDM