Business View Magazine | June 2022

157 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 6 LEXITAS Standing by truth in the law A cquisitions, mergers, and re-brands are part and parcel of corporate life – something that the legal and corporate services firm Lexitas understands better than most. Originally known as DepoTexas, the company changed its name to ensure national reach. In order to scale the business more effectively, DepoTexas hired a branding firm in 2016 to come up with a new name. They hit upon Lexitas, made up of “Lex,” the Latin word for law, and “Veritas,” which means truth. The company stands by the truth of spoken testimony before the law in everything it does. This was the next stage of a long journey for the firm. “In 2015, Trinity Hunt Partners from Dallas, Texas invested in a company called Deposition Solutions, which was a court reporting company that went under the name DepoTexas,” Gary Buckland, CEO of Lexitas, recounts. “They reached out to me to see if I wanted to be a board member and, ultimately, I came on board to run the company. So, even though DepoTexas started in 1987, Lexitas became the type of company it is today in 2015.” Court reporting and medical record retrieval represent Lexitas’ two primary offerings, but the company offers additional services as well – in part due to its ongoing acquisition of innovative players in the sector. “We made eight acquisitions from 2015 to November 2019,” Buckland says. “But since the company was acquired by Apax Partners three years ago, we’ve completed an additional 25 acquisitions.” Apax, a large private equity company, has enabled Lexitas to scale its ‘buy-and-build