Business View Magazine | Volume 8, Issue 6

181 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 8, ISSUE 6 industry; we push them and they push us.” One example of these brilliant client relationships is Jviation’s partnership with Asphalt Systems Inc (ASI). “ASI is a very good partner for Jviation and they work with us on many of the pavement preservation projects we carry out at airports,” Fiore says. “Extending the lives of pavement is critical, especially in high mountain airport environments where you get weather that can be very challenging at times. ASI has been able to work with us, not only providing us with recommended products to use, but also being on-site as we’re doing the application and test runs of these products.” Working in tandem with ASI, Jviation has been able to develop project plans that allow pavement preservation products to be applied at night, so runways can be reopened in the morning and operations can continue as normal. “Our partnership with ASI has been very good,” Fiore adds. “We depend on them and they depend on us.” Looking ahead to new collaborations and airport projects, Jviation is careful not to abandon the reasons for its past success. “I think what’s important to us is that we hold onto and maintain our cultural identity,” Ingram says. “We should never lose sight of who we are and why we’re in business – and that’s to provide wonderful service to our clients. That’s our strategy and that’s our game plan. I know some businesses like to map out a detailed growth plan but our vision is simply to provide great service to our clients and help them succeed when the opportunity arises.” It’s a view that Fiore supports wholeheartedly, noting, “Maintaining and exceeding the expectations of our clients is important for us but I also think that we’ll explore chances to engage with new clients. We’ll look at opportunities to go outside of our comfort zone a little bit and identify challenges that we think JV I AT ION, A WOOLPERT COMPANY