BVM June 2016 - page 112

112 Business View Magazine - June 2016
Amherst, Massachusetts
The place to visit, live, and work
Well-known as the birthplace of American poet, Emily
Dickinson, Amherst, Massachusetts, a town of 37,000
in the west central part of the state, is also home to
the University of Massachusetts, Amherst College,
and Hampshire College, three schools that, in addi-
tion to being the area’s major employers, help define
Amherst’s personality as a highly educated, politically
active, and socially conscious community.
“But,” according to Peter Hechenbleikner, Amherst’s
Acting Town Manager, “there is a town here, besides
all that.” And he is quick to add that one of the other
things that differentiates Amherst from many other
communities in the U.S. is that this town of clearly
defined villages - North Amherst, South Amherst, At-
kins, and East Amherst, all with their own commercial
centers, plus a very vibrant downtown - is its built-in
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