Business View Magazine June 2023

62 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 6 no pandemic to mixed success. So what we’ve found is we are having more conversations around what their event looks like and what success looks like to them. What worked pre- pandemic may not always work post-pandemic.” Ginger Harper, Old National Event Plaza’s director of sales and marketing agrees. “The largest challenge that we have experienced in the past 24 months and I think for hospitality providers in general, has been the human aspect and reconnecting people to each other while realigning expectations,” she says. “We have to connect current expectations with past performance and ensure that all parties are doing well in that process.” Looking to the future, Wallace says his focus will be on moving forward and making sure that their service expectations match their clients’ expectations. “We’ve got a phenomenal team here within these walls and outside these walls to really push the emphasis on client services for anyone that’s coming into the destination,” he says. “We want to create better experiences for those folks that we are partnering with because, without them, we don’t exist.” VENDOR/PARTNER n Nederlander National Markets national-markets/ Nederlander National Markets, a Nederlander Presentation based in Chicago, is one of the largest presenters of Broadway series and engagements across North America. Currently, they oversee subscription seasons in more than 20 cities throughout the country. Nederlander continues the tradition of operating historic theatres, producing and presenting the best in theatrical and concert events, and innovating new ways to engage future generations of theatergoers.