Business View Magazine June 2023

59 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 3 OLD NAT IONAL EVENT PLAZA for its support in getting funding for capital projects and appropriation requests. “Any capital ideas, they’ve been extremely forward thinking when it comes to opportunities to make our operation more successful,” he says. “We definitely have to shout out to them.” Right now, Old National Events Plaza has a list of projects they hope to complete for 2023 that will help enhance the experience at the event plaza, primarily in the food and beverage sector. For service providers, Old National Event Plaza relies on the help of Concept Sound and Light for audio-visual effects for the theater side and Bravo Media Group for the conference and convention side. “They’ve been able to assist our clients and educate us, as well, on what their capabilities are and what makes sense for making these events extremely successful,” Wallace says. Wallace credits Vanderburgh County Council