Business View Magazine | June 2020

90 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JUNE 2020 on domestic tourism and aquaculture. Mason notes, “We also believe there is a strong market for horticulture (glasshouses, hothouses) here on the West Coast because of our climate and we need to maximize those opportunities.” The District Council is pleased to give a shout- out to its valuable ongoing relationships. As Mason relates, “Buller Electricity are a key partner, fantastic for supporting new businesses with affordable electricity prices. Also the Nelson Building Society are great supporters providing corporate sponsorship for the NBS Theatre and are strong community citizens. Shawn Rayson, a Canadian who recently purchased West Coast Brewery, wants to be a strong corporate citizen and has already provided support to the local Buller rugby team, which is wonderful. The Old Ghost Road establishment provides a high-end adventure tourism opportunity and we work very closely with them. Advanced Northern West Coast is another tourism group we work with to assist planning tourism opportunities in the District, as well as a close working relationship with Development West Coast that focuses on economic development.” Looking to the future, Mason shares, “Buller District has been through its challenges, but there is a resilience on the West Coast. No matter what, West Coasters will pull together and work hard to be innovative to change the economic climate. That enthusiasm will lead to great things and revitalisation of the District. Exciting things are happening and I feel really optimistic.”