Business View Magazine | June 2020

44 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JUNE 2020 communicate with confidence discover tackling illegal robocalls and caller id spoofing Despite the constant accessibility and desire to access and exchange information simply, seamlessly and securely, consumer confidence in the authenticity of calling numbers continues to wane because of technology shifts and the scale at which bad actors misuse and abuse communication networks. Find out how your business can, once again, communicate with confidence. TruReach Through its three signature platform families – TruOps, TruNumber, and TruReach – iconectiv simplifies the complex communication challenges that customers face every day. TruReach: New technologies, emerging regulations and evolving industry guidelines have revolutionized the way brands and consumers connect and engage with one another. Building that engagement on a foundation of trust is paramount. The platforms within TruReach help simplify the increasingly complex messaging ecosystem and drive consumer confidence TruNumber: Between maximizing efficiencies, decreasing operational costs and safeguarding customer data, service providers have more phone numbering challenges than ever before. By leveraging authoritative, precise data, TruNumber’s comprehensive suite of numbering platforms enables service providers to seamlessly transfer phone numbers from one service provider to another, improve network planning through data insights and combat fraud. Businesses powered by TruNumber provide a more positive customer experience while driving revenue growth and operational efficiencies. TruOps: Service providers are expected to manage their networks and interconnection arrangements, route, rate and bill for billions of calls and messages accurately, while under constant pressure to maximize efficiencies and improve network planning, with less time and resources. Achieving these objectives takes efficient access to reliable, scalable, and proven systems and processes. That’s where iconectiv TruOps comes in.