Business View Magazine | June 2020

28 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JUNE 2020 Q & A : INV I S ION COMMUNI CAT IONS created a new service model where core teams invested time in relationships and gained a growing understanding of each client’s business to help them learn, grow, and succeed. This model has allowed InVision to retain accounts for decades or more. “Continuity in a core client team allows us to better understand the culture and style of the client’s organization, as well as the preferences of their executives. And staying current with a client’s business challenges and opportunities also provides us with a strategic perspective that adds communication value, not simply production expertise. At InVision, it is our firm belief that people possess an inherent desire to learn, to grow, and to succeed. Through our work, we tap into that desire, powering their movement from good to great, from disinterested to inspired, from indifferent to impassioned. We engage audiences in a way that moves them to action. “Key milestones in our agency’s history include our geographic expansion, opening offices in New York in 2004 and in Chicago in 2009. Our services have similarly expanded; early on, we offered primarily event production services, but now we’re a full-service engagement