Business View Magazine | June 2020

26 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JUNE 2020 a time when this feeling is more important or more visible than now.” Success Stories BVM: What key moves have you made during the crisis that have given you leverage in your industry? MGME: “We had three key priorities. 1. Ensure survival When the cancellations first began, we immediately took steps to tighten our belts. We conserved cash and planned for the future. Our partners were quickly brought into the conversation. Together we detailed plans for our success and created metrics to track our progress. Immediate changes were necessary, especially the painful ones. 2. Find a new direction Our team was brought into the conversation to brainstorm ideas for pivoting. Our virtual events team was quickly built to support our clients in this new world and to refocus on our patient services and clinical trials. We have developed a new marketing plan to speak to customers that need our services. 3. Retrain and operate We built the right team around each of our offerings, without hurting our existing one. Successfully, we created processes and best practices for this new world. This included developing a picture of what events will look like in the post-Covid world. “There is no question, this is a frightening time. With a great team, flexible mindset, and aggressive approach, we can succeed in this environment!” Q & A : MCVE IGH GLOBAL MEET INGS & EVENTS Carvie Gillikin, COO