Business View Magazine | June 2020

23 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JUNE 2020 M cVeigh Global Meetings and Events (MGME) was founded in 2018 when Fourth Wall Events, a 15-year-old event planning company, merged with Worldtek Events, a 10-year-old conferences business, to acquire McVeigh Associates, a 30-year-old meeting planning company. The combined business manages nearly 1,000 events a year worldwide through its offices in Manhattan, Long Island, and San Diego. The MGME team consists of more than 100 incredible professionals who handle every aspect of an event from sourcing to full meeting and event logistics, and value creating human connections for corporate clients and associations, globally. The business focuses on several areas – pharmaceutical, telecommunications, cosmetics, business services, and technology are just some of the industries that make up the MGME client base. Services are provided to clinical trials, including patient management services, such as payment solutions, travel and logistics, communication, and registration. The company also creates virtual clinical patient experiences for recruiting new patients and working with existing ones. Business View Magazine recently asked the McVeigh Global Meetings and Events team how they are adapting their business during the Covid-19 pandemic. The following highlights the company’s background and its innovative and evolving responses to this critical situation. Q & A: McVeigh Global Meetings and Events