Business View Magazine | June 2019

80 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JUNE 2019 AT A GLANCE THE EVANS ADHESIVE CORPORATION WHAT: A leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives WHERE: Columbus, Ohio WEBSITE: Experience – the difference T he Evans Adhesive Corporation is one of America’s leading manufacturers of industrial adhesives. The Columbus, Ohio-based company manufactures an array of Packaging Hot Melt Adhesives (which are solid at room temperature and liquid at a raised temperature); Pressure Sensitive Hot Melts (which remain tacky even after they are cooled to room temperature); and Water Based Adhesives (which are alternatives used in packaging, converting, laminating, labeling, drywall, and outdoor advertising, among other industries). The Evans Adhesive Corporation was founded in 1900 and incorporated in 1902 as The Commercial Paste Company. It had been in the Evans family since 1920, but, just last year it was acquired by the Meridian Adhesives Group created by Arsenal Capital Partners as its new platform in the global adhesives and sealants sector, focusing on high- value adhesive technologies.