Business View Magazine | June 2019

75 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JUNE 2019 they were also at the threshold of many new developments, and they decided that they really needed a national trade association, where members of the industry could come together and review their common problems, and, thereby, broaden the potential for the industry’s growth. They came together and discussed their mutual concerns, mutual problems, and talked about a direction forward to grow the industry.” BVM: Has the mission evolved any over the years? Allmond: “That mission remains mostly true, today – to promote, encourage, and advance the uses of industry products. We’ve broadened, slightly, beyond that singular focus, but, of course, everything we do is done with the goal of advancing the industry forward. One of the main things that we do, today, to grow the industry is, appropriately named, our Growth Program, where we set aside a portion of our reserves to invest in ways to promote uses and applications of our industry’s products in a specific market. “For example, over the last three years, we’ve been focused on the automotive market, where we’ve developed selection guides on how OEMs in the automotive sector can utilize our products in the assembly process, in the paint process, in the trimming process, and various ways along an assembly line in the development of an automobile, as well as opportunities for automotive engineers to utilize adhesives and sealants in that process. We’re wrapping up that effort after over a half- million dollars in investment, and next year, we’re going to be deciding on what’s the next best opportunity among all the markets where adhesives and sealants are being used. Where can we make the biggest impact in terms of that application, that market, but also, for our industry, where is the biggest opportunity to grow our industry and promote our products? “So, I think our founders would be very pleased that’s still a major focus for the organization - identifying where opportunities are to grow the industry. But we’ve gone beyond just promoting THE ADHES I VE AND SEALANT COUNC I L pictured Group photo of the ASC Gives Back Program