Business View Magazine | June 2019

37 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JUNE 2019 THE AV I VA CENTRE non-profit organization, Tennis Canada invests its surplus into tennis development. Tennis Canada owns and operates the Rogers Cup, presented by National Bank. It is a joint men’s and women’s competition which attracts the top players in the world. For men, the Rogers Cup is a Masters 1000 event on the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) tour; for women, it is a Premier 5 event on the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) tour. In odd-numbered years, the men’s tournament is held in Montreal, at the Stade IGA, while the women’s tournament is held in Toronto, at the Aviva Centre, and vice versa in even-numbered years. Spread over 15 acres, the Aviva Centre was established in 2004, adjacent to the campus of Toronto’s York University. It was built to replace the National Tennis Centre, which was demolished in 2003. “We had severely outgrown our former location and it was time for us to make a significant investment and build a world-class facility that was in line with the level of the tournament that was being played,” says Richard Lant, Vice President of Operations. According to Lant, the Aviva Centre plays a dual role. On the forehand, it is home to the Toronto offices of the not-for-profit, Tennis Canada, with a mandate to carry out its mission, which is to grow the sport of tennis within Canada. So, it offers a range of programs for athletes, coaches, and the community. On the backhand, the Aviva Centre is a commercial entity, with a responsibility to generate ancillary revenue. Lant reports that 85 percent of Tennis Canada’s revenue comes from the operation of the two annual Rogers Cup events, with the rest made up, in part, by ancillary event business such as renting space to York University for graduation ceremonies, exams, and concerts among other uses, as well as to various groups in the community, such as the Ontario Real Estate Association. Aviva Centre’s main venue is Stadium Court with a capacity of 12,500. Its circular design and outdoor atmosphere make it the perfect backdrop for the Rogers Cup, held every summer, as well as concerts and events. Also, there is a total of up to 16, hard- surface tennis courts. The Centre of Excellence is pictured below Vice President of Operations, Richard Lant