Business View Magazine | June 2019

26 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JUNE 2019 TOP 10 6. Prudential As part of Prudential’s corporate social responsibility commitments, the company has focused on urban renewal and education in the City of Newark, where they are based. We recognize their work to support and implement Newark’s social and environmental actions that advance quality of life for all. 7. Bristol Myers Squibb When it comes to environmental stewardship, Bristol-Myers Squibb is a leader. The company has increased its efforts to preserve natural resources, focus on opportunities to reduce packaging, and save energy and water. From 2009 to 2012, Bristol-Myers Squibb reduced its total annual greenhouse gas emissions by about 28,000 metric tons. 8. Bayshore Recycling Bayshore Recycling (Bayshore) is an award- winning leader in the recycling industry and champion for the environment, reintroducing materials into the economic mainstream while reducing the volume of material deposited in New Jersey’s landfills. The Company is a model of sustainability. 9. TerraCycle A New Jersey-based sustainable company that recycles materials previously viewed as non- recyclable. What started as an initiative to convert worm droppings into plant fertilizer has since transformed into a leading global waste management firm. 10. Natural Systems Utilities Natural Systems Utilities has made our selection of the Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey and is based in Hillsborough. NSU is an emerging national leader in water reclamation and reuse innovation. 11. Rutgers University We can’t discuss sustainability without mentioning the biggest university in New Jersey. Almost 15yrs ago, Rutgers launched their own internal Sustainability Committee and since then have been leaders in higher education focused towards renewable energy/ energy efficiency, sustainable landscaping, water refill stations, flood waste minimization, and biodiversity. For more information on Sustainability in New Jersey, make sure to check out Or the amazing team at New Jersey Sustainable Business Council -