Business View Magazine | June 2019

184 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JUNE 2019 AT A GLANCE LINCOLN AIRPORT WHAT: A public/military airport WHERE: Five miles northwest of Lincoln, Nebraska WEBSITE: L incoln Airport is a public airport with a significant ongoing and historic military presence located five miles northwest of downtown Lincoln, the state capital, in Lancaster County, Nebraska. The second- largest airport in the Cornhusker State, it is owned by the City of Lincoln and under the “care, custody, and control” of the Lincoln Airport Authority. The Airport began life in the early 1920s, and was the place where Charles Lindbergh learned to fly. During World War II, it was contracted by the United States Army Air Corps for basic flight training and known, then, as the Lincoln Army Air Field. It was transferred back to the City of Lincoln after the war. Along with its civil use, Lincoln Airport became host to a flying unit of the newly- formed Nebraska Air National Guard along with a Naval Reserve unit flying patrol aircraft. Operating as the Lincoln Air Force Base, the