Business View Magazine | June 2019

118 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JUNE 2019 with the intent of being a construction company, a tank service company. But it’s the engineering component that has been surprising because it’s also been the engine of our company. It’s the difference. I think the industry has gone the other way and tank companies that were traditionally pretty strong in engineering, that had an engineer in the back room who’d been around for 30 years, those people have moved on, and a lot of companies have chosen to sub their engineering work out and maintain the bare minimum required. We’ve gone the opposite direction. We hire two entry level engineers every six months and we still can’t keep up, so there’s a need in the industry for engineering. And we’re a specialist in tanks, not a general engineering company, we just know tanks. So that’s where there’s obviously a void in the market and a need. That’s the fundamental difference we’re bringing to the market as a new company. A lot of new companies will say they’re leaner, they’re cheaper, they’re more responsive, that’s not our pitch. We bring the technical ability that others are kind of ignoring right now.” PREFERRED VENDOR n ULG Skilled Trades