Business View Magazine | June 2019

112 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JUNE 2019 P hillips Tank & Structure (PTS) soars above the rest when it comes to design, field repair, and new construction of above-ground storage tanks, geodesic domes, floating roofs, bio- waste digester covers, stairs, ladders, platforms, and general structural design. An industry leader in the use of automated 3D design software, Phillips Tank & Structure provides customers with exceptional custom design and detailing of structural components. For engineers and owners of refineries, terminals, and other facilities with storage tankage, PTS offers budgeting, scheduling, and project management services. Their experienced staff excels in estimating, planning, and executing construction and tank repair projects to meet API 650, API 653, AWWA D100, and API 12D tank specifications. Phillips Tank & Structure President, Leonard (Lenny) Phillips, has worked in the industry since 1994, when he was fresh out of college. He recalls, “In 2012, I left my previous employer and started this company from scratch at that point. In the beginning, I had a few employees and we started doing some tank design work because it does take a bit of time to get going on the construction side, the field work. It wasn’t until late 2013 we were awarded and executed our first field construction – a tank repair project. Today, we are a tank service contractor, we do engineering, we also do field repair of tanks and new construction. And we’ve grown steadily; going from zero in 2013, when the field portion kicked in, to just short of $30 million in revenue in 2018. So, we’re doing a lot of things right, apparently.” In terms of revenue, only three to five percent of the PTS business is design/engineering and the remainder is field work. The company has 130 employees on the payroll, about 100 in the field crews and the rest are based at headquarters in Braddock, Pennsylvania and satellite offices in southern California, and east Texas (Houston area) because their largest customer base is in the oil and petroleum industry. Field work is spread nationwide with active projects in California, in Texas, and on the east coast. The firm has done some design work for operations in Canada but no boots-on-the- AT A GLANCE PHILLIPS TANK & STRUCTURE WHAT: Tank service contractor specializing in design, field repair, and new tank construction WHERE: Headquarters in Braddock, Pennsylvania WEBSITE: