June 2018

78 79 Where Excellence in Service Earns Success A Proud Partner with Ebner Furnaces RPTS Express, Inc. specializes in shipments of oversized cargo. We have a vast knowledge and experience in heavy hauling with expertise in die cast machinery, tanks, boilers, stamping presses, furnaces, ovens and many other types of manufacturing machinery. When faced with your next transportation challenge, call RPTS; We are R eputable, P rofessional, T rustworthy and S killed! 1220 Industrial Parkway North, Brunswick, OH 44212 PH: 330-273-7303 | FAX:330-273-6330 www.rptsexpress.com essentially, double our customer service business in the next four years. We’d like to become a full solution provider for our customers – looking upstream of the furnace equipment and down- stream of the furnace equipment–with any aux- iliary equipment components that may be needed for material handling. It’s something that we have made great strides in and continue to do–to round out our offerings to our customers, so that we don’t just provide equipment, but are also responsible for installation, commissioning, and service.” Gabriel adds that since taking over the company in 2008, Robert Ebner, Peter’s son, has been dedi- cated to customer service and reinvesting into the company.“And that has served us extremely well,” he declares. “We’re trying to provide solutions for customers’ problems.What’s good for the custom- er is good for us.” EBNER FURNACES, INC. PREFERRED VENDORS n Hohl Industrial Services Inc. www.hohlind.com Hohl Industrial Services Inc. was founded in 1950 and is headquartered in Buffalo, New York, with operations in Cleve- land, Ohio. The company operates as an industrial constructor that specializes in providing design-build, or general contractor services, for equipment intensive projects all over the Great Lakes Region and the MIdwest. Hohl offers field services, including millwrighting, rigging, steel erection, heavy hauling, boiler repair, ASME work, warehousing, and marine and diving. It also provides fabricated structural steel, general fabrication, ASME fabrication work, material handling, equipment and ma- chinery rebuilds, and metal buildings services. Hohl provides fabricated structural steel for construction proj- ects, including industrial, and public and private applications. Its projects include filtration systems, forging plants, stamping presses, transformer hauls, ductworks, coal conveyors, and steel mills. The company serves the manufacturing, power, metals, and oil and chemical industries. In the public sector, Hohl has earned a reputa- tion for the quality of its work in building and modernizing bridges, water, and waste water plants. n RPTS Express www.rptsexpress.com We’re trying to provide solutions for customers’ problems. What’s good for the customer is good for us. HERBERT GABRIEL GENERAL MANAGER AND VP OF SALES FOR EBNER FURNACES’ U.S. FACILITY INWADSWORTH, OHIO Made in the USA in our shop in Ohio