June 2018

75 training, which obviously served our type of in- dustry very well,” explains Herbert Gabriel, Gener- al Manager and Vice President of Sales for Ebner Furnaces’ U.S. facility in Wadsworth, Ohio. “He in- dustrialized the hydrogen annealing process that was able to grow the company rapidly because the benefits of the technology were accepted pretty rapidly in all industrialized nations.” Ebner’s furnaces employ a process called bright annealing, which uses a hydrogen atmosphere to heat treat metal. This causes the treated met- als to be softer, more flexible, and shinier. Before Ebner introduced the hydrogen method in 1972, all furnaces used nitrogen as a method for heat- ing metal, which, afterward had to be cleaned and polished. Hydrogen annealing served to eliminate the secondary steps. Bookshelves, automobile body parts, appliances, and cabinets are all prod- ucts of this hydrogen annealing method. By the mid-1980s, the company had grown to 500 people and in 1987, Ebner decided to expand into the United States, where it already had some customers. “It was initially intended to be a ser- vice center for existing customers,” says Gabriel. “But it’s a production location now, with 85 peo- EBNER FURNACES, INC. Hohl Industrial is honored to work with Ebner, global specialist of heat treatment furnace facilities. We applaud the excellent work Ebner is doing around the country, providing world-class products and service to loyal customers everywhere. From Cleveland, Ohio to Lewisport, Kentucky and throughout the Northeast region, Hohl Industrial has been working closely with manufacturing operations to complete a wide array of industrial projects for more than 60 years. Certified in 30 states, Hohl installs process equipment. Great Partnerships make for Great Outcomes. Learn more about how Hohl Industrial can help with your next project at Hohlind .com Novelis selected Hohl Industrial to install their three CASH lines featuring Ebner equipment • Aluminum and Steel Mills Projects • Forging Operation • Millwright Services • Rigging Services • Specialized Fabrication • Design Build Project Execution Hohl specializes in: North American Forge Masters selected Hohl to erect their massive forging press in New Castle, PA With over 65 years of experience, Hohl has earned a reputation of safe, high-quality perfomance, and trustworthy project execution, all driven by the pursuit of perfection. Aleris Aluminum selected Hohl Industries to erect their new Cold Mill that feeds two high value aluminum process lines Hohl Industrial Services is a leading con- structor in the Great Lakes region, provid- ing an extraordinary array of field and shop services for virtually any need. From capital projects and maintenance tasks to marine services and public sector assignments, we specialize in providing design/build and gen- eral contractor services for equipment-inten- sive projects. With over 60 years of experience, we have delivered successful solutions in just about every market, working either directly for owners or leading engineering firms and construction managers. In the public sector, we have earned a reputation for the quali- ty of our work in building and modernizing bridges, water, and waste water plants. Today, Hohl Industrial Services is one of the region’s premier rigging and millwrighting contractors, performing everything from daily maintenance tasks and major outages to fast-track design/build projects for entire manufacturing plants. With over six decades of experience, Hohl is your source for specialized services, un- matched in the region. We’ve been doing it for a long time, yet we bring a fresh and innovative approach to every project. hohlind.com AT A GLANCE EBNER FURNACES, INC. WHAT: A fabricator of heat treatment facili- ties for the metal-based industries WHERE: Wadsworth, Ohio WEBSITE: www.ebner.cc/en/home