June 2018

32 33 CASE STUDY: AUTOMOTIVE ASSEMBLY A Japanese automaker wanted to use quick nest changeovers for their door panel assembly lines in Ontario. Previously the nests were permanent fixtures. Anubis 3D designed and engineered a 3D printed cam-lock mechanism allowing an incredible 30 second nest changeover. PRINT ON DEMAND AVAILABLE. If you already have a 3D print ready file, our team can expertly guide you through the production process. A LEADER IN INDUSTRIAL 3D PRINTING SOLUTIONS FOR END USE PARTS CONTACT US: Anubis3d.com Tel: (905)-581-0630 Toll Free: 1-(800)-905-6073 Our team of engineers and designers consistently produce the most effective solutions using state of the art 3D printing and additive manufacturing for: • End of arm tooling • Jigs and fixtures • Automotive nests & assembly nests Anubis Industrial Solutions Inc. 4100A Sladeview Crescent Unit 3&4 Mississauga, Ontario L5L 5Z3 Canada Clients include: Fanuc, ABB, Husky, Magna, AFA, ATS, DV Electronics, Kuka Robotics, Toyota, MPAC Group, Flextronics and more. Our vision at Anubis 3D is to lead the transformation of plastics additive manufacturing to a mainstream industrial manufactur- ing process in North America. Currently we manufacture more 3D printed EOAT every month than any other company in the world. Anubis 3D uses Additive Manufacturing to produce end used and functional parts. This technological breakthrough makes the fabrication of new shapes and complex geomet- rical features possible. Today these technologies are more accessible than ever before, however as they are incorporated into industrial manufacturing processes an in-depth knowledge of mechanical engineering becomes essential. Anubis 3D has been leading the design process development bringing our knowledge of Additive Manufacturing to our Mechanical Ma- chine Design along with Finite Element Analysis and Topogra- phy Optimization with industrial application requirements. Our engineers have spent decades on the production floor and are have in-depth knowledge of production challenges and designing for lean manufacturing. APPLICATIONS n Dynamic and static EOAT for Delta & collaborative robots n Vacuum manifolds n Injection molding EOAT n Pick and place systems n Quick change over connectors n Automotive assembly nests n Check fixtures for Automotive n Overmolding Urethane on 3D printed Nylon n 3D printed Urethane molds n Ball Bearing Carriages n Sand casting patters Innovative solutions for modern manufacturing AFA SYSTEMS LTD. for Molins until 2000, when I left the company and became involved in a microwave popcorn packaging development. That led to a license with a U.S. company to manufacture the popcorn packaging, which in turn led to the acquisition of AFA Systems. AFA was an industrial automation company at the time.” AFA continued to grow, and in 2002 it acquired Nordel Packaging that did end-of-line cartoning and case packing. The two entities merged un- der AFA Systems and have since been providing packaging automation to a variety of industries – pharmaceutical, food, beverage, automotive – any kind of end-of- line packaging that puts products into cartons, cases, and ultimately onto a pallet for end-users. Today, AFA is a global business employing 60 people at its head office and production facility in Brampton, Ontario and a second office in Shang- hai, China. As a design/build company, AFA does the engineering and design work and assembles the machinery. Every order is unique to the appli- cation. The company focuses on high-end auto- mation and sells only 10 percent of its volume in Canada; 50 percent in the U.S.; and 40 percent throughout the rest of the world. A great many AFA designed/assembled machines are operating in North and South America, Asia, and Europe. Paul notes, “We don’t have different divisions – everything falls under the umbrella of auto- mation and that’s becoming so much broader in scope.We’re heavily into the use of robotics to do many operations. Almost 50 percent of our 60 employees are highly-skilled in technical engi- neering–both electrical and mechanical.” Eric adds, “We have an internal sales staff of three people responsible for doing the quotes and floor plans - either to end users that come