June 2018

166 167 PETAWAWA TOWN CENTRE These lots are fully serviced in the heart of the business district of Petawawa, Ontario, Canada. Lands are ready to be built on now - with No Waiting! Owners will lease, build to suit, or sell the lands outright. If you’re ready, contact us today! Come and develop your business in friendly Petawawa! Contact Bob Rantz 613.639.5988 or Todd Clouthier 613.735.4194 www.petawawa.ca and flower beds.We feel fortunate that we’ve reduced the amount of refuse that goes into the ground. As a result of excellent management, the waste man- agement site is poised to service the partnership communities for the next 50 years.” Another sound green initiative by the community was the conversion of street lighting to an LED system. Taking advantage of an LAS/Real term Energy program, the Town was able to com- plete the project in three months and realize a return on investment, based on incentives and reduction in hydro consumption, within the first three years of conclusion. Yearly hydro savings continue to be in the neighbourhood of $100,000. Other green initiative funding applications, currently pending, include new blower systems that can vent to the sewage treatment plant and allow methane gas to heat the complex. “So, we’ve got a bit of a green thumb,” says Sweet. “We’ve claimed the slogan of ‘walking lightly on the environment,’ and we take it seriously. Each new subdi- vision agreement requires developers to re-plant trees to replace those harvested as part of the development. Council has been very proactive at balancing the growth of community but not at the cost of development, working in collabora- tion with the developers to sustain our natural environment.We are making progress but there is much more that PETAWAWA, ONTARIO PREFERRED VENDOR n Valley Truck & Spring Service www.valleytruck.ca can be done; we can all find ways and means to ‘leave the campsite a little bit better than you found it.’” With a few challenges and a wealth of op- portunities, Petawawa boasts a quality of life that many believe is second to none. The town boasts state-of-the-art recreational oppor- tunities, modern infrastructure, and growing commercial and industrial sectors. It is rich in culture and heritage, steeped with a deep sense of community pride and, with its abundance of natural amenities, Petawawa, Ontario is truly “dynamic by nature.”