June 2018

150 151 Clarkstone & Dearin Notary Corporation Notary Public • Real Estate • Mortgages • Wills & Power of Attorney • Other Notarial Services 4679 Elizabeth Street, Port Alberni, BC V9Y 6L8 PH: 250-723-9747 | FX: 250-723-9721 www.portalberninotary.com dorothy@dclarkstone.ca | matt@dclarkson.ca PREFERRED VENDOR n Dorothy Clarkstone in Trust dorothy@dclarkstone.ca oper is putting ground level commercial and four stories of accommodation above. It’s expected to be filled immediately upon completion. “Coulson actually leases 50 percent of one of our motels to provide accommodation for their new employees,” says Ruttan, “because there just aren’t rentals easily available. It’s a problem when you’ve got a six-foot engineer moving to town for a high-paying job and they can only find a base- ment apartment with six-and-a-half foot ceilings. We do have land available for development and we’re definitely open for more investment.We’re actively looking to expand the city, in fact, we have one industrial and one commercial expan- sion on the go now, and another in the pipeline. All inquiries are welcome!” Education is key to the economic challenge, which the Mayor – an educator himself – cham- pions wholeheartedly. He shares, “We have every- thing from pre-school to university.We’re working PORT ALBERNI, BRITISH COLUMBIA on a Fisheries Center of Excellence; a Wildfire Training Center of Excellence; and a Shipbuilding Center of Excellence. Those promote three parts of our economy, but particularly the education piece.” Attractive to businesses, residents, and tour- ists, alike, Port Alberni is a gem of potential on Canada’s west coast - a city with its vision clearly focused on a progressive future. Of course, it’s not all business.When it’s time to put out the “Gone Fishing” sign, Port Alberni is the place to be – designated as the Salmon Capital of the World and the World Fishing Network’s “Ultimate Fish- ing Town.”