June 2018

142 143 Your Authorized Pierce Dealer for Illinois and Indiana We are proud to provide World-Class Fire Equipment and Superior Service to the City of Elmhurst and other municipalities in Illinois and Indiana for over 40 years. 1401 N. Farnsworth Avenue, Aurora, IL 60505 800-582-8818 visit: global-pierce.com 9575 W. Higgins Road | Suite 600 | Rosemont, IL 60018 T: 847.823.0500 | F: 847.823.0520 | cbbel.com CBBEL is proud to have partnered with the City of Elmhurst to develop a Comprehensive Flood Plan that addressed several flood-prone areas. Approximately 3,400 linear feet of 60- to 72-inch relief sewer was constructed to connect the low-lying residential areas to the Elmhurst Quarry. Visit bit.ly/ElmhurstQuarry to view the split blasting of the quarry wall. ELMHURST, ILLINOIS PREFERRED VENDORS n Christopher B. Burke Engineering www.cbbel.com n Global Emergency Products www.global-pierce.com applied for and received a federal grant to install a sidewalk,” he relates. “And we’re developing a Business Parks Plan to enhance the area for the future, including trying to make connections to the major roads up there with walking trails or bike trails. One of the business owners told us, ‘if you can put a bike trail in, I’ll buy bikes and I’ll put them in my warehouse for employees.’We understand to move forward, the workforce and recruitment are important elements, so we’re do- ing what we can to try and enhance those areas.” And going forward, Jason says that programs to promote further economic activity in Elmhurst will continue unabated. “Our Mayor, Steven Mor- ley, is very much of the belief that you don’t let up,” she states. “Earlier this year we put in ADA tree grates which allow for stores to have side- walk sales and sidewalk cafés to expand without having to worry about egress paths. This summer we’ll be repaving the main roads in our down- town.We’ve had some great economic develop- ment growth in the last few years, but that is not a reason for us to let up on the gas. Recently we ended our first downtown TIF three years early, and put in place a new downtown TIF to focus on those areas that have not seen their full potential yet.We’ve made great strides, but we’re not done yet - not just downtown, but throughout the community.”