June 2018

100 101 S ebring Regional Airport & Commerce Park is a public use airport and industrial park, located seven miles southeast of the cen- tral business district of Sebring, a city in Highlands County, Florida.The airport was originally constructed in 1940,as Hendricks Field,after the Cityof Sebring purchased an area of 9,200 acres of woodland and leased it to the government at $1 per year for 99 years.It was used as a B-17Flying Fortress crewtraining base of the U.S.ArmyAir Corps,and later the U.S.Army Air Forces.With the end of the war in 1945, the train- ing program began to wind down and the order came to inactivate the base byDecember 31,1945. On February 21, 1946, the city received a permit SEBRING REGIONAL AIRPORT & COMMERCE PARK SEBRING REGIONAL AIRPORT & COMMERCE PARK ITS RUNWAYS ARE JUST THE BEGINNING AT A GLANCE SEBRING REGIONAL AIRPORT & COMMERCE PARK WHAT: A regional, general aviation airport and business park WHERE: Sebring, Florida WEBSITE: www.sebring-airport.com