Business View Magazine | Volume 8, Issue 7

89 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 8, ISSUE 7 WHI TE LAKE MAR INE White Lake Marine to deliver only the best service, and the firm’s reputation for building great client relationships continues to attract new customers. Today, the business operates out of a showroom fronting a highway across the road from the original White Lake Marina. The current marina facility includes a boat ramp, cast dock, and quays. The company used to solely operate from the marina but, in 1988, they moved and expanded. DeAndrade elaborates, “We built a large service center and stored boats for sale across the highway, as there wasn’t enough space at the marina. But now we do our sales and services there, as well as having a storage warehouse for all our e-commerce site stock.” White Lake Marine is all about creating a healthy working environment for their staff. Some members are true lifelong employees; the low turnover rate a reflection of the flexibility and trust that management allows them. According to DeAndrade, “The only rule I give my employees is to ensure they take care of the customer. Whether it costs the company time or money, they wouldn’t get into trouble… as long as the customer is happy and satisfied, they get our blessing to do so.” In an industry so closely related to innovation, employees and management are provided regular training from the manufacturers. Also, outside bodies like the C12 and the National Marine Retailers Association (NMRA) provide members with information about the latest developments. By taking a variety of courses, they can also become NMRA Certified Marine Dealers. These training programs are necessary to keep up with advancing technology. For example, many boats are now equipped with telematics, or a cellular connection. This allows you to check on your boat by simply accessing an app on your phone from anywhere in the world.