Business View Magazine | Volume 8, Issue 7

131 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 8, ISSUE 7 ROSWELL A I R CENTER Everything Roswell does is related to air service. At present, they have round trip daily flights in and out to Dallas and Phoenix with American Airlines. “We’ve always considered them a great partner,” says Stark. “And our passenger numbers are above what they were before the pandemic, so our recovery is going really well. Our positivity about that partnership has gone a long way with American, and the community has supported that service. It is a very important factor for our economic development.” Because it was originally an air force base, the military never forgot about Roswell. Today, any air force base within about 500 miles has somebody at the Air Center almost every day doing practice approaches. And most years, a navy detachment will come out for three months during the winter, with 25 to 35 airplanes, doing initial pilot training. And what lies ahead? Esperitu reports, “The Air Center is embarking on a new strategic plan, so we can combine all the ideas that so many of us have and grow this really vibrant part of our community. I’m convinced we lead the state in aviation opportunities and what’s important with our Airport Advisory Commission (chaired by the Mayor) is how we can bring all these thoughts and plans together to create that economic benefit for this region. It’s all about planning – for the future of Roswell and the future of the Air Center.” Stark agrees, adding, “Looking ahead, we hope people will see that we’re on the cutting edge. With the improvements to the infrastructure, with the land we have that’s a blank slate, you can kind of write your own future here. We are open for business.”