Business View Magazine | Volume 8, Issue 7

13 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 8, ISSUE 7 Nathan Steele, Director of Economic & Community Development, Maricopa, Arizona: “I kind of take it like when you’re leaving a gym. You’re exhausted because you just finished working out and your muscles are all sore. But hopefully you also feel a bit of pride in knowing you accomplished something hard, and you have hope for the future knowing that you’re going to come out of it stronger because of it. It’s really hard when you’re in it – I hate lifting weights but I’m so glad when I’m done because I feel stronger and better about myself. And it gives me the confidence to face other things. And I think any trial we go through, whether it’s as severe as the last year has been or not, hopefully you have that mindset that you can get through anything in the future. ” Dr. Perry Eggleston, Exec. Dir. Transportation Services & Airport Manager, University Airport (UC Davis), California: “How we’ll reimagine the workplace. Telework used to be a perk. Now we’ve spent 15 months, a lot of us, working from home. And we see it can be done. For many people, their productivity is even higher. So we’re looking at it internally in my department, and we’re also looking at how the University can obtain better sustainability goals by providing telework. We have three different levels: working full-time from home; the hybrid – which will be 95 percent of us; and then those that can’t – police, custodians, etc. So we’re asking what will the workplace look like three to five years from now? We don’t want to go back to the way it was in March 2020. We Power Question As we come out of the pandemic and move on toward recovery, what is the biggest question you’re asking yourself?