Business View Magazine | July 2020

157 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JULY 2020 Maumelle, ARKANSAS Refreshingly different T he City of Maumelle is one of the youngest communities in Arkansas, literally growing up in the shadow of nearby Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Conway. Among its many attributes, the city offers unique opportunities for both business and pleasure. Maumelle began as a HUD New Town; a planned community from day one. It had its roots in an ordinance plan in World War II – after the war, the land was sold to a company that salvaged all the buildings, then it was sold again, and eventually developed by Jess Odom as Maumelle New Town in the 1960s and ‘70s. The first actual town was built in 1973. Today, poised to thrive from its location on the scenic Arkansas River, the City of Maumelle is a vibrant, refreshingly different place to call home. Business View Magazine spoke with Maumelle Mayor, Caleb Norris; Chief of Staff, Scott Grummer; and Director of Community & Economic Development, Judy Keller about this youthful city’s recent notable achievements, works in progress, and exciting plans for the future. The following is an edited transcript of the conversation. BVM: Can you give us an overview of Maumelle from an economic development perspective? Norris: “We’re a city with a small town feel, a suburb just outside of Little Rock in Pulaski County. It’s been an exciting year. The city has worked on an extra interchange to I-40 for what seems like decades, and that was finally completed in November 2019. It opened up