Business View Magazine | July 2019

395 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JULY 2019 BC INSTRUMENTS then we will be competitive on a global basis and we should never run out of work because there’s always something that has to be made to allow society to continue.” In the end, Roger believes that it all comes down to a few key focuses. The first is relationships. “They are critical for us,” he states. “It’s what allowed us to be successful. If there isn’t a relationship that’s built on trust and respect, then there’s no use proceeding. The lasting relationships are paramount. Also, ‘recognize opportunity, make a commitment, and keep a commitment’ - that’s probably what we would define as the foundation for success. The third thing would be for individuals to take responsibility for thoughts, actions, and results. If we do that from top to bottom, then we have the potential to be successful.” towards eliminating waste in everything we do,” he explains. “How do we make sure that we eliminate the wasteful things that we do – in communication, in producing something, in working with customers? If you can get people to think that way, starting with the leader of the company, and then throughout the operation, that we look at things from the position of where are the opportunities to do what we do more efficiently. Can I take a small element of waste out, whether it’s a step, or an operation, or a tool? It doesn’t really matter. We see it in some industries; they’ve become so efficient. It’s the Amazon concept and it is going to keep growing. You eliminate a lot of the waste of procuring a consumable item to the point where it becomes extremely efficient. We have to do the same in how we take a raw piece of metal and change it into a part, or how we take powder and make it into a component for a train, or a plane, or an automobile – whatever it is. And if that becomes the norm – that continuous looking to take away a little bit of waste on a daily basis – if we do that effectively,